Mini shade cloth Jan 16

After reading – for the Eastern and western elevationsAdjustable shading is especially useful for eastern and western elevations, as the low angle of the sun makes it difficult to get adequate protection from fixed shading. Adjustable shading gives greater control while enabling daylight levels and views to be manipulated. Appropriate adjustable systems include sliding screens, louvre screens, shutters, retractable awnings and adjustable external blinds.

I added a shade cloth to the kitchen Hi-lite windows facing west as the glare in the kitchen was very bright. Originally I was going to set up a pulley retractable system but ended up too complicated for a small system. During winter, I will just manually retract these and use cloth pegs or some sort to hold the shade cloth instead.  Now that this one works, I started on the shade cloths for the two other bedrooms.

Items used (most from Bunnings):

•2mm wire cable, 10m length (x 2 pack) – $14.41 = $28.81 – I would have only used one pack if it was not due to trial and error making the first shade cloth.
• 2mm Swage (x 9 pack) – $2.80ea = $25.20 (you can buy 2mm wire rope grips @ $6.27 for two then no need for Swage or Swage tool) though it does make the wire rope look bulky.
• Swaging tool to cut and crimp the swage – $39.95
• Galvanised Hook and eye turnbuckle (x 9) – $5.89ea = $53.01
• 12mm Eyelet repair kit off (with 100 grommets) off ebay ~ $15 (butterfly clips are useless.)
• 25mm key rings (5 in a pack x 2 packs) – $4.26ea = $8.52
• Plastic key tags with holder (x 3 packs) – $2ea = $6.00 (should have bought from Cheap as Chips instead of Bunnings, don’t buy from Reject shop – 4 for $2.50)
• Ramset 8 x 45mm DynaBolt Plus Hook Opening Bolt (x 9) – $1.15 each = $10.35
• 8mm masonry drill x 1 – $6.93
• Marine grade stainless steel 6mm pad eye boat yeach outdoor shade sail  (x 9) off ebaybay – $12.99 for 4 (inc postage) and you can buy singles = $27.00
• Shade cloth (90% UV beige, 15 year warranty at $16.35 per linear meter, bought 4m = $65.40 ), as it came in 1.83width, I cut the cloth into half.
• 3mm drill
• 10g x 16mm Galvanised Hex Head Metal Screws
• Drill driver

Shade cloth – around 8 key rings, Marking the locations for the eyelets and measurements, size varies during to windows and air cond pipes. As it came in 1.83width, I cut the cloth into half. Folded the corners in ~ 3 to 4cm and 5cm size and used the eyelet to hold it in place.

Worked out to be ~$100 each window (exclude labour), seems expensive but overall made a difference in temperature in kitchen area and bedrooms. Our bedroom was 30 degrees Celsius (no fan or a/c switched on, during yesterday’s 38 degree heat).

Word of warning – better to buy extra swage and then returning unopen ones back to Bunnings than making multiple trips. Up to you if you wish to use 2mm rope thimble

 photo shadeprep_1.jpg

 photo 1bedroomshadeafter.jpg

 photo aftershade1.jpg

 photo 1beforeshade.jpg
Both bedroom windows (edge and windows) at 55 and 42 degrees Celsius respectively.

 photo afterbeforeshade.jpg
The glare has been reduced.


The 5th and 6th Supadiverta – Oct 2015

Both the 5th and 6th Supadiverta presented some challenges in terms of installation as there were not as straight forward as the previous 4 installations.  Installed the 5th Supadiverta two weeks ago and it required 2 x 75mm (22.5 deg elbow F-F) to suit my down pipe.

 photo IMG_20150922_073120542.jpg

The 5th SD (carport) required a hole to suit the 25mm horizontal pipe to the existing horizontal pipes.
 photo IMG_20151005_151811188.jpg

Contacted Dennis (Aquatrek – Supadiverta) and emailed pictures to him to ensure that we can get the 6th Supadiverta to work due to electric meter box, solar inverter and side gate obstructing 20mm pipes.

Changes to the 6th SD
The middle priority will be using 20mm PVC pipe (instead of 19mm black poly pipe) and connect to the other two priority drops in a horizontal line and then into a 25mm 90 deg elbow with a 25 x 20mm reducing bush to connect to a 25mm vertical drop (all the vertical drops are 20mm except this). “You can change the second vertical drop (over a side-gate post) to 25mm to generate a higher velocity through the 20mm pipe and reduce friction losses” and Dennis made up a 25mm purger for me to fit within 25mm vertical drop. In my haste, I forget to take a picture of the purger.

Somehow using the 2x 75mm 22.5 degree elbows did not work this time so it is just a straight drop meaning the SD protrudes out a bit and is not flushed against the wall.
 photo 16thsdUntitled-1.jpg

Overall harvested 2 more downpipes as opposed to 4 suggested by Engineer’s site drainage plans), not looking the same “look” and straight forward as the others, oh well practicality over looks.

Splits (MHI) – 20 Jul 15

Got the 5 splits installed over a period of time due to no availability of the 2.0kw by Suntrak Solar and Air conditioning.  Figure it would be better to go with my Solar installers and opted for the MHI SRK25ZMXA-S series and they have a cashback for winter (winning – didn’t know about it until advised by Jason (Suntrak’s owner).

Due to the “awkward” carport roof location, this is the best location for the splits to the lounge and bedroom.  Very happy with my decision to go with the 5 splits over a ducted system for this build.

Jun 15 – Wheel barrow the sandy loam! Ouch!

    • Been busy, so haven’t taken much pictures.  Single-handedly moved 8.5 tonnes of sandy loam (3.5 tonne and 5.0 tonne) by wheel barrow in 2 lots to a total 5.5hours last Saturday.  I lose count at 70,  (this is one of the craziest thing I have done and I am aching now, I could not get this done before the concrete was laid) and will need another 3.5 tonnes for remaining back and front before the lawn goes down.  Front and backyard quite shady due to tree and verandah so going with Sir Walter lawn.  Bought the soil spreader from Stratco, biggest POS – end up with a block of wood to screed and flatten!  My aim is to finish the loam and lawn this weekend (now postponed to end Aug – September after advice from the farms supplying Sir Walter).
    • 2 x Splits installed (3.5kw and 8.0kw) and waiting for the the 3 x 2.0kw (MHI SRK20ZMXA-S) to be installed (hopefully next week).
    • Organised plumber to plumb rainwater into house( hopefully next week).
    • Check out Cheap pots at Wingfield, just 1 hectare of pots and stuff!
    • Not much rain, (13kl RWT) is 1/4 full.  Supadiverta working – will hook up the 5th one after the bulk of work is done.  Ordered a powdercoated flashing from stratco, kids can’t cycle up and down with this pipe now.  Reason for doing this (pipes surface mount rather than buried underground) is that I can spot and fix the leaks, won’t know anything underground if a pipe breaks due to extreme reactive soil.

Cynortic waterguard – may 15

Been speaking to Mark from Cynortic regarding the Waterguard Gold set-up, got someone to cut and weld the galv post holders, drill and screw the bolts to concrete slab myself.  This system is 34kg on its own and can hold 10kg (litres) on water – total 44kg (b l 0 0 d y heavy! lifting it myself), the planter box was great for supporting while you mark out the distance for the 2nd post.

Getting a plumber to finish up the connections to the pump to RWT / house.