Solar panels & air con (Mar 15)

Organised for a 5.0kw solar panel installed by Suntrak solar air conditioning and electrical, there were highly recommended on the Whirlpool forum.  I was originally quoted for REC panels and SMA invertor however Jason offered a better deal and I wanted to stick to budget without sacrificing the energy efficiency.

The guys were early and on the day asked if I wanted an extra 4 panels (1kw) for extra $600. This was a no brainer and I said yes and I got 5.0kw SMA invertor with 6.0kw of Jinko 250w panels (East and west orientation).

Apologies for no pics of the set-up, this was the original “capture” by nearmaps provided by Jason.

Received a quote for the 6 splits (Mitsubishi Heavy industries) and comparing it against Daikin (P-Series) and ducted, pretty much comparable in prices except – 6 condensors & splits vs 1 and ceiling air vents….


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