Fail – ouch 2!

Can’t fit the 40mm pressure pipe behind now that concreting is down…..

I wonder if I could use the 25mm pressure pipe for horizontal line for 3 supadivertas (I better check with Dennis).

Looks like this might be the case –
 photo courtesyofsupadiverta.jpg– courtesy of Supadiverta


One thought on “Fail – ouch 2!

  1. claypot

    Or maybe just reduce that section to 25mm to get past the back to 40mm. Will still be a bit of a restriction but not as much as going all 25mm. Would look better than going around it. Another option might be to pull the down pipe away and squash the section of 40mm with a heat gun, then put down pipe back. Cheers, Claypot.



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