Jun 15 – Wheel barrow the sandy loam! Ouch!

    • Been busy, so haven’t taken much pictures.  Single-handedly moved 8.5 tonnes of sandy loam (3.5 tonne and 5.0 tonne) by wheel barrow in 2 lots to a total 5.5hours last Saturday.  I lose count at 70,  (this is one of the craziest thing I have done and I am aching now, I could not get this done before the concrete was laid) and will need another 3.5 tonnes for remaining back and front before the lawn goes down.  Front and backyard quite shady due to tree and verandah so going with Sir Walter lawn.  Bought the soil spreader from Stratco, biggest POS – end up with a block of wood to screed and flatten!  My aim is to finish the loam and lawn this weekend (now postponed to end Aug – September after advice from the farms supplying Sir Walter).
    • 2 x Splits installed (3.5kw and 8.0kw) and waiting for the the 3 x 2.0kw (MHI SRK20ZMXA-S) to be installed (hopefully next week).
    • Organised plumber to plumb rainwater into house( hopefully next week).
    • Check out Cheap pots at Wingfield, just 1 hectare of pots and stuff!
    • Not much rain, (13kl RWT) is 1/4 full.  Supadiverta working – will hook up the 5th one after the bulk of work is done.  Ordered a powdercoated flashing from stratco, kids can’t cycle up and down with this pipe now.  Reason for doing this (pipes surface mount rather than buried underground) is that I can spot and fix the leaks, won’t know anything underground if a pipe breaks due to extreme reactive soil.

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