Concreting (Mar 15)

Have contracted Zagari concrete (David) as recommended by the Director of Oakford homes to do the concrete work for the house.  Apparently he does some work for Simonds homes too,  I have numerous conversations with David and he has been very professional and accommodating to my requirements (laying slab for RWT 1st).

After replacing the western side fence with new concrete plinth and colourbond fence, it seems it is still lower! D*$m it!  Will need to fill it up with free draining gravel.

– (PRE-MIX concrete – carbon colour)

Will be getting another slab poured for the Shed now that we look at the layout, the original location is not ideal.

– Exposed aggregate (PRE-MIX concrete – Spice) on driveway and front perimeter.


Fail – ouch 2!

Can’t fit the 40mm pressure pipe behind now that concreting is down…..

I wonder if I could use the 25mm pressure pipe for horizontal line for 3 supadivertas (I better check with Dennis).

Looks like this might be the case –
 photo courtesyofsupadiverta.jpg– courtesy of Supadiverta

Solar panels & air con (Mar 15)

Organised for a 5.0kw solar panel installed by Suntrak solar air conditioning and electrical, there were highly recommended on the Whirlpool forum.  I was originally quoted for REC panels and SMA invertor however Jason offered a better deal and I wanted to stick to budget without sacrificing the energy efficiency.

The guys were early and on the day asked if I wanted an extra 4 panels (1kw) for extra $600. This was a no brainer and I said yes and I got 5.0kw SMA invertor with 6.0kw of Jinko 250w panels (East and west orientation).

Apologies for no pics of the set-up, this was the original “capture” by nearmaps provided by Jason.

Received a quote for the 6 splits (Mitsubishi Heavy industries) and comparing it against Daikin (P-Series) and ducted, pretty much comparable in prices except – 6 condensors & splits vs 1 and ceiling air vents….

Rainwater tank & carport (Mar 15)

Ordered the customised 13kl Aquaplate rainwater tank from the Tank Doctor along with water boy tank water system (by Crystal clear water) and the Liquidator tank gauge.

Hoping to install the remaining pressure pipes to the supadiverta to connect to the rainwater tank.

As the driveway is only 2.7m, we could only go for a 1800mm high tank with 3000mm diameter.

Added a lysaght carport by my dezign exteriors, it was originally going to be a hip roof carport with roller door but decided to keep the look of the house in line with the streetscape and save $3k.  I figure at the end of the day, it is still a carport and not a enclosed garage like what I used to have.

Flooring – honeycomb blinds & roller blinds (Mar 15)

Ordered honeycomb blinds (single) and blockout blinds from Aliexpress and install it myself.  The materials are almost identical to the Luxaflex duettes I have in my old house except the news ones can only be pull up when the ones at the old house could go both directions.  Happy with the quality and outcome of $2k savings and apologies for the poor phone quality.

In one of previous post, I mentioned that we we going to stick with the Bamboo flooring however after another look, we went with the 600 x 600 Whisper Almond rectified tiles for the passageway / family and went with another tiler (Nussio Tiling – Adam) recommended by Life’s Tiles (Richmond road) instead of the tiler originally organised.

The bamboo flooring (strandwoven) is by Powerdekor (Wayville) and happy with it as the other mobs wanted a lot more money for their products – using a Vileda Easy wring & clean spin mop for both floors.