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The 5th and 6th Supadiverta – Oct 2015

Both the 5th and 6th Supadiverta presented some challenges in terms of installation as there were not as straight forward as the previous 4 installations.  Installed the 5th Supadiverta two weeks ago and it required 2 x 75mm (22.5 deg elbow F-F) to suit my down pipe.

 photo IMG_20150922_073120542.jpg

The 5th SD (carport) required a hole to suit the 25mm horizontal pipe to the existing horizontal pipes.
 photo IMG_20151005_151811188.jpg

Contacted Dennis (Aquatrek – Supadiverta) and emailed pictures to him to ensure that we can get the 6th Supadiverta to work due to electric meter box, solar inverter and side gate obstructing 20mm pipes.

Changes to the 6th SD
The middle priority will be using 20mm PVC pipe (instead of 19mm black poly pipe) and connect to the other two priority drops in a horizontal line and then into a 25mm 90 deg elbow with a 25 x 20mm reducing bush to connect to a 25mm vertical drop (all the vertical drops are 20mm except this). “You can change the second vertical drop (over a side-gate post) to 25mm to generate a higher velocity through the 20mm pipe and reduce friction losses” and Dennis made up a 25mm purger for me to fit within 25mm vertical drop. In my haste, I forget to take a picture of the purger.

Somehow using the 2x 75mm 22.5 degree elbows did not work this time so it is just a straight drop meaning the SD protrudes out a bit and is not flushed against the wall.
 photo 16thsdUntitled-1.jpg

Overall harvested 2 more downpipes as opposed to 4 suggested by Engineer’s site drainage plans), not looking the same “look” and straight forward as the others, oh well practicality over looks.